Chapter 8. SLIDESHOW

Making and presenting slideshows

If you want to make quick, easy slideshows that you can present and/or send to other people, Lightroom's Slideshow module often fits the bill. You can create, present and export slideshows with customized designs, transitions and soundtracks. You can play a slideshow from within Lightroom or export it in several formats.

Lightroom 3 offers some significant improvements in the creation of slideshows. That said, Lightroom really can't compete with dedicated slideshow programs. I hope this chapter will show you all that's possible within Lightroom slideshows and help you see where Lightroom's slideshows fit in the larger landscape of on-screen presentation software. Set realistic expectations and I think you'll find you can use Lightroom for most of your slideshows.

Working in Slideshow is similar to working in Web. The Slideshow workflow is:

  1. Organize the photos that will go into the slideshow

  2. Go to the Slideshow module (and open all the panels)

  3. Make sure your photos are showing in the correct order in the Filmstrip

  4. Check the options in the Toolbar and change them if necessary

  5. Choose a template to start the layout process

  6. Customize the slide designs

  7. Add music or other audio soundtrack (optional)

  8. Preview your slideshow and make any necessary adjustments to settings

  9. Play the slideshow ...

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