Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic For Dummies

Book description

Edit, organize, store, and share photos  

Whether you are brand new to photography, a devoted enthusiast, or a seasoned pro, there’s a version of Lightroom for you. 

Lightroom For Dummies is the book to help you learn which version of Lightroom is right for your needs. The main focus of the book is on using Lightroom Classic, but also includes an introduction to Lightroom CC. All with the goal of helping you get started on the right foot toward taking your photographic workflow to the next level. The book is a great starting place to help you improve your family photos or add advanced Lightroom skills that aid your career. Look inside to find the steps to navigating the software and getting top-notch results.

  • Deciding which version of Lightroom is the best fit
  • Take control of your photo library with Lightroom Classic
  • Importing, organizing, and finding photos 
  • Editing and sharing your photos 
  • Producing a slideshow, book, print, or web gallery
  • Gain a foundation for getting started with Lightroom CC

Get ready to spend less time in front of the computer and more time behind the lens!

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Introduction
    1. About This Book
    2. How This Book Is Organized
    3. Conventions Used in This Book
    4. Icons Used in This Book
    5. Beyond the Book
    6. Where to Go from Here
  3. Part 1: Getting Started with Lightroom Classic
    1. Chapter 1: Getting to Know Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic
      1. The Two Versions of Lightroom
      2. Introducing the Lightroom Classic Interface
      3. Getting Up and Running
    2. Chapter 2: Working with Catalogs
      1. Understanding How the Catalog Works
      2. Caring for the Catalog
      3. Working with Multiple Catalogs
    3. Chapter 3: Lightroom Classic Basics That You Should Know
      1. Configuring Lightroom Classic Preferences
      2. Local Storage versus Cloud Storage
      3. Getting Familiar with File Formats
  4. Part 2: Managing Your Photos with Lightroom Classic
    1. Chapter 4: Tackling the Lightroom Classic Import Process
      1. Knowing How the Import Process Works
      2. Exploring the Import Dialog
      3. Importing Your Photos into Lightroom Classic
      4. Auto Import
      5. Shooting Tethered
    2. Chapter 5: Viewing and Finding Photos in the Library
      1. Exploring the Library Module
      2. Choosing the Right View for the Task
      3. Using the Panels to Access Your Photos
      4. Creating Multiple Versions with Virtual Copies
    3. Chapter 6: Getting Organized with the Library
      1. Evaluating Photos
      2. Flags, Ratings, and Color Labels
      3. Filenames and Metadata
      4. Keywording
      5. Using the Painter Tool
      6. Finding Photos with the Library Filter Bar
    4. Chapter 7: Exploring the Library Module’s Advanced Features
      1. People View
      2. Adjusting Your Photos in the Library
      3. Merging Photos into HDR and Panos
      4. What Is DNG?
      5. Putting Photos on the Map
  5. Part 3: Working in Lightroom Classic’s Digital Darkroom
    1. Chapter 8: Editing Photos in the Develop Module
      1. Exploring the Develop Module
      2. Development Essentials
    2. Chapter 9: Solving Problems and Saving Time
      1. Fixing Common Problems
      2. Presets, Snapshots, and History
    3. Chapter 10: Taking Your Photos to the Next Level
      1. Working with Contrast and Color
      2. The Devil’s in the Details
      3. Creative Effects
      4. Modifying the Calibration Settings
  6. Part 4: Sharing Your Work with the World
    1. Chapter 11: Exporting Copies and Using External Editors
      1. Exploring the Export Dialog
      2. Creating Copies of Processed Photos
      3. Configuring Your External Editors
      4. Basic Editing in an External Editor
      5. Advanced Editing Options with Photoshop
    2. Chapter 12: Designing a Book
      1. Exploring the Book Module
      2. Setting Up a Book
    3. Chapter 13: Producing a Slideshow
      1. Exploring the Slideshow Module
      2. Creating a Slideshow
      3. Playing the Slideshow for Your Audience
    4. Chapter 14: Printing Your Work
      1. Exploring the Print Module
      2. Setting Up a Print Job
    5. Chapter 15: Creating a Web Gallery
      1. Exploring the Web Module
      2. Creating a Web Gallery
      3. Web Gallery Output Options
  7. Part 5: The Part of Tens
    1. Chapter 16: Ten Things to Know About Using Lightroom Classic and Lightroom Together
      1. Why Would You Use Them Together?
      2. Know Before You Go
      3. Setting It Up
      4. Lightroom Classic Preferences
      5. Syncing Collections from Lightroom Classic
      6. Making Collections Public
      7. All Synced Photographs
      8. Collections or Albums?
      9. Lightroom for Mobile Interface
      10. Change Is a Constant
    2. Chapter 17: Ten Things to Know About Organizing and Editing in Lightroom
      1. Help & Support
      2. All Photos and Filtering
      3. Segmentation and View Options
      4. Adobe Sensei Search
      5. Adding Photos from Camera Roll
      6. Apply During Import
      7. Creating Albums and Folders
      8. Applying Ratings and Flags
      9. Edit Photos Anywhere
      10. Export Copies
    3. Chapter 18: Ten Things to Know About Using the Lightroom Mobile Camera
      1. Shooting in Raw Mode (DNG)
      2. Shooting in Professional Mode
      3. Using Shoot-through Presets
      4. Helpful Overlays
      5. Self Timer, Burst Mode, and Remote Trigger
      6. Last Photo Preview
      7. Exposure Lock
      8. In-Camera HDR Mode
      9. Take a Selfie or Switch Lenses
      10. Camera Launch Shortcuts
  8. Index
  9. About the Author
  10. Connect with Dummies
  11. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic For Dummies
  • Author(s): Rob Sylvan
  • Release date: July 2019
  • Publisher(s): For Dummies
  • ISBN: 9781119544968