Chapter 2

Working with Catalogs


Bullet Understanding the catalog concept

Bullet Backing up and optimizing your catalogs

Bullet Working with regular previews versus Smart Previews

Bullet Getting a handle on what metadata means

Bullet Transferring data across multiple catalogs

When you install Lightroom Classic, it automatically creates an empty catalog file at the default location as part of the installation process. In fact, Lightroom Classic can’t even function without one. You can open Microsoft Word without having a document open, and you can open Photoshop without having an image open, but you can’t open Lightroom Classic without opening a catalog. The catalog is integral to Lightroom Classic’s operation.

This chapter shows you how to work with the Lightroom Classic catalog. You will discover where on your system the catalog is located, how to keep it backed up, how to keep it optimized, the role of the associated preview cache files, and even how to transfer data between two catalogs.

Understanding ...

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