Chapter 4

Tackling the Lightroom Classic Import Process


Bullet Understanding the import process

Bullet Getting to know the Import dialog

Bullet Using an import workflow

Bullet Setting up an auto import

Bullet Shooting tethered

Before you can do anything in Lightroom Classic, you need to introduce your photos to the Lightroom Classic library, which is referred to as importing your photos. In this chapter, you get up close and personal with the Import dialog, work through various importing scenarios, and even see how to configure Lightroom Classic to import photos while you capture them with your camera. By the end of the chapter, you’ll have a firm understanding of the import process and be ready to customize this process to meet your needs.

Knowing How the Import Process Works

In a Lightroom Classic context, “importing” is commonly thought of as “getting your photos into Lightroom Classic,” and on the surface, that appears to be what’s happening. I use this conversational shortcut as much as anyone ...

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