Chapter 5

Viewing and Finding Photos in the Library


Bullet Becoming familiar with the Library interface

Bullet Customizing the Module Picker

Bullet Understanding Grid view and Loupe view

Bullet Managing photo folders

Bullet Grouping photos into collections

Bullet Making virtual copies

Just like your local library, the Library module is the place you go to find and check out your photos. Except in this case, you’re also the head librarian, which means you have the power to organize and manage the contents as well. The Library module is the hub — all your photos pass through here on their way to the other modules. Feel free to make as much noise as you want.

You can do a heck of a lot to your photos in the Library module — I hope good things, but you never know. This chapter focuses on the operations performed with the organizational panels. For help on sorting and applying various types of metadata to your ...

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