Chapter 13

Producing a Slideshow


Bullet Getting to know the Slideshow interface

Bullet Developing a slideshow workflow

Bullet Playing your slideshow

The Slideshow module offers a flexible interface for creating simple yet professional presentations of your photos. Slideshows aren’t only useful for sharing your images with clients, peers, family, and friends, but they can also be a practical tool for reviewing your own work. You have relatively few settings to configure, and the changes update in the main workspace area while you work, so you’ll be displaying your images in no time at all!

You can create a slideshow from any grouping of images you can dream of pulling together. Whether the images are a folder, a collection, or an on-the-fly assemblage of images based on dates, keywords, and/or metadata, if you can group them, you can show them. You don’t need to be in the Slideshow module to play a slideshow either. Press ⌘  +Enter (Ctrl+Enter for Windows) from within any module to run an impromptu slideshow, which uses the last configured settings from the Slideshow module to run a show with the active images.

Exploring the Slideshow Module

An important point that bears repeating: ...

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