Lesson E: Mini Project

Peachy In The Woods

You’ll need two images for this little exercise: “D E Object Selection.psd” (the image of Peachy from the previous lesson) and “E Trains_and_Peachy.psd.”

  • Make the Peachy image active by clicking its tab.
  • Activate the Move tool by clicking it in the Tools panel or by tapping the V key.

The next step, bringing Peachy to the scene in the woods, is slightly tricky. You must keep the mouse button depressed continuously while dragging up from the Peachy image to the other document’s tab, waiting for the other image to appear, and then dragging downward into its document window before releasing. In class, I phrase it, “drag upward, pause, downward, release.”

  • With the Move tool, drag Peachy up to ...

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