Once you’ve captured or imported your content, you can drag it to
the My Project panel from either the Organizer or Project view in
the Edit workspace. Why two locations? Because as you’ll read in this
chapter, each has its own unique strengths.
For example, the Organizer is ideal for tagging your clips for easy
search and retrieval, for creating Instant Movies, and for creating
albums to back up to Photoshop.com. Project view works well when
you’d like to sort and trim your clips before adding them to the
Sceneline or Timeline.
Fast and effi cient movie production is all about organization. In this
lesson, you’ll learn how to do the following:
Manually tag your clips in the Organizer
Apply Smart Tagging in the Organizer
Create an Album for backing up your projects to Photoshop.com
Create an InstantMovie using manual and Smart Tagging
Create a “rough cut” of your movie in Project view
Trim clips using the Preview window in Project view
Drag clips to the My Project panel from either the Organizer or
Project view
is lesson will take approximately 2 hours.
Collecting assets in the Organizer.

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