264 LESSON 12 Sharing Movies
About sharing and exporting
Apart from creating DVDs or Blu-ray Discs, you can export and share movies, still
images, and audio in a variety of fi le types for the web, computer playback, mobile
devices, and even videotape.  e Share workspace in the Tasks panel is your start-
ing point for exporting your fi nished project. Here you choose your target and
confi guration options.
Selecting any of the options listed under How would you like to share? opens a view
in the Tasks panel that provides output-specifi c options and settings. Share view
simplifi es sharing and exporting by providing presets of the most commonly used
formats and settings. If you want to specify unique settings for any format, you can
click Advanced options and make changes.
When exporting using the Share workspace, you can create a Quick Share preset to
save and reuse your favorite sharing method for future projects, along with all the
settings. Whenever you want to share a project using those settings, just select that
preset and click the Share button.
e rst step for all sharing is choosing your desired target.  e exercises in this
chapter walk through examples of the available targets in the Share workspace.
Getting started
To begin, you’ll launch Adobe Premiere Elements and open the project used for
this lesson.  en you’ll review a fi nal version of the project you’ll be creating.
1 Before you begin, make sure that you have correctly copied the Lesson12 folder
from the DVD in the back of this book onto your computer’s hard disk. See
“Copying the Classroom in a Book fi les” in the Getting Started section of this

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