Review questions
1 How do you change the default transition duration?
2 How do you track down a transition by name?
3 How do you replace a transition with another one?
4 You apply a transition but it does not show up in the E ect Controls panel.
Why not?
5 Some transitions start as small squares, circles or other geometric shapes
then grow to reveal the next clip. How to you get those transitions to start with
large geometric shapes that shrink to reveal the next clip?
6 Explain three ways to change the duration of a transition.
7 You want your video to end with a 5 second curtain close over a freeze frame.
How do you do that?
Review answers
1 ere are two ways to do that. 1: select Edit > Preferences > General and
change the Video Transition Duration from the default 30 frames (one second) to
whatever length you want. Two: with the E ects panel tab open, click the Fly-out
Menu, select Default Transition Duration.  at too opens the General Preferences
dialog box.
2 Start typing the transition name in the E ects panel Contains: box. As you
type, Premiere Pro will display all e ects and transitions (audio and video) that
have that letter combination anywhere within their name. Type more letters to
narrow down your search.
3 Drag and drop the replacement transition on top of the transition youre
rejecting.  e new one automatically replaces the old one.
4 Click on the newly placed transition to select it.  at displays its parameters
in the E ect Controls panel.
5 Simple. Check the Reverse box in the E ect Controls panel.  at switches the
movement from starting small and ending full screen to starting full screen and
ending small.
6 Drag the edge of the transition rectangle in the Timeline, do the same thing
in the E ect Controls panel A/B timeline, or change the Duration value in the
E ect Controls panel.
7 Apply a Frame Hold on the In Point or Out Point of the  nal clip. Use the
Trim or Rate Stretch tool to adjust its length to 5 seconds. If you use the Trim tool
and you selected Hold on the Out Point in the Frame Hold window, the out point
will change as you trim away frames at the end of the clip. Using Rate Stretch
retains the out-point. You then apply the Curtain transition to the end of that clip,
click the Reverse check box, and stretch the transition rectangle so it covers the
entire clip.
e Premiere Pro Titler is a multi-
faceted, feature-rich text and shape
creation tool. You can use it to build
text—of any size, color or style—with
borders, beveled edges, shadows,
textures, and sheens. Your Titler-
designed text and objects can run
superimposed over video as static titles,
rolling credits, or as stand-alone clips.

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