Adobe Premiere Pro CS5: Learn by Video

Video description

Experienced instructors present 10 hours of high quality video, complete with lesson files, and review materials. Project files used in the lessons are included so viewers can practice what they've learned.

Table of contents

  1. How Premiere Works
    1. Welcome to Premiere Pro
    2. Premiere Pro and the Creative Suite
  2. Premiere Pro Jumpstart
    1. Get Editing
    2. Sharing Assets with After Effects
    3. Creating and Editing Titles
    4. Nesting Sequences
    5. Exposure and Color Correction
    6. Adjusting Gain
    7. Importing and Animating Photoshop Files
    8. Creating Slideshows and Using Greenscreen
  3. Getting Set Up
    1. Creating New Projects
    2. Creating New Sequences and Sequence Presets
    3. Overview of Premiere Pro Preferences
  4. The Interface and Workspace
    1. Overview of the Premiere Pro Interface
    2. Customizing the Interface
    3. Working with Workspaces
    4. Panel Menus
    5. 3-Point Edits
    6. Essential Shortcuts
  5. Recording Clips
    1. Capturing Clips from Tape
    2. Capture Options and Clip Logging
  6. The Media Browser
    1. About File-Based Cameras and the Media Browser
    2. Importing Clips with and without the Media Browser
  7. The Project Panel
    1. Creating and Organizing Bins
    2. Project Panel Display Options
    3. Creating a Storyboard
    4. Automating to Sequence
    5. Creating Clip Copies and Subclips
    6. Offline and Online Clips
    7. Interpreting and Replacing Footage
    8. Saving and Autosaving
  8. Editing Clips
    1. Monitor Panels
    2. Adding and Removing Tracks
    3. Timeline Controls
    4. Sequence Structure
    5. Setting In and Out Marks in the Source Monitor
    6. Timeline Markers
    7. Insert and Overlay Edits
    8. Selecting and Moving Sequence Clips
    9. Track Patching
    10. Sync Locks
    11. Lift and Extract Edits
    12. Replacing Clips in a Sequence
    13. The Info Panel
  9. Transitions
    1. Adding Edits
    2. Trimming Clips Directly on the Timeline
    3. Trimming with the Trim Monitor
    4. Slip Trims, Slide Trims, and Rolling Trims
    5. Transition Effects
    6. Selecting Video and Audio Separately and Together
    7. Keyframing Opacity to Create Transitions
  10. Nested Sequences and Multi-Camera Editing
    1. Nesting Sequences
    2. Editing with Nested Sequence Clips
    3. All About Multi-Camera Editing
    4. Synchronizing Multiple Clips
    5. Switching Camera Angles on the Fly
    6. Finalizing Multicam Edits
  11. Effects
    1. Introduction to Effects
    2. Applying Effects
    3. Working with Multiple Clips and Presets
    4. The New Mercury Engine
    5. Keyframing Effects
  12. Working with Fixed Effects
    1. Overview of Fixed Effects
    2. Creating Picture-in-Picture Effects
    3. Adding Motion to Clips
    4. Smoothing Motion with Keyframe Interpolation
    5. Adding 3D Effects to Your Clips
  13. Color and Brightness Correction
    1. Introduction to Color and Brightness-Related Effects
    2. Introduction to the Waveform Monitor
    3. Color Correction with the Fast Color Corrector
    4. The Shadow/Highlight Effect
    5. Introduction to the Three-Way Color Corrector Effects
    6. Leave Color and Change to Color effects
  14. Adding Time Effects
    1. Slow, Reverse, and Fast Motion
    2. Speed Adjustment with the Rate Stretch Tool
    3. Adding Variable-Speed Time Changes
    4. Changing the Duration of Multiple Still Images
  15. Keying and Compositing
    1. Introduction to Compositing
    2. Combining Video Layers via Blending
    3. Working with Alpha Channel Transparencies
    4. Color Keying with Adobe Ultra
    5. Using Garbage Mattes
  16. Creating Titles
    1. Title Designer Overview
    2. Working with Title Text
    3. Putting Text on a Path
    4. Adding Graphics and Shapes
    5. Adjusting and Aligning Graphics and Shapes
    6. Working with Title Templates
    7. Creating Moving Titles
    8. Creating Titles in Photoshop
  17. Integrating Premiere, Photoshop, and After Effects
    1. Exploring the Creative Suite Production Premium
    2. Photoshop CS5 Basics
    3. Importing Photoshop Files into Premiere Pro as Sequences
    4. Using Dynamic Linking with Premiere Pro and After Effects
    5. Replacing a Clip with an After Effects Composition
  18. Working with Audio in Premiere Pro
    1. Overview of Audio in Premiere Pro
    2. Working with Waveforms
    3. Adjusting Audio Volume
    4. Adjusting Audio Gain
    5. J-Cuts and L-Cuts
    6. Adding Effects to Audio Clips
    7. Working with the Audio Mixer
    8. Automating Changes in Audio Tracks
    9. Creating Submixes
    10. Recording Voiceovers
  19. Working with Audio in Soundbooth
    1. Getting to Soundbooth
    2. Working in Soundbooth
    3. Volume Control in Soundbooth
    4. Noise Reduction in Soundbooth
    5. Removing Pops and Clicks in Soundbooth
    6. Adding Effects in Soundbooth
  20. Metadata and Content Analysis
    1. Adding Metadata to Clips
    2. Converting Speech to Text
    3. Working with Transcribed Text
    4. Face detection in the Project Panel
  21. Outputting Video
    1. Overview of Output Options
    2. Recording to Videotape
    3. Working with the Output Settings Dialog Box
    4. Working with Adobe Media Encoder
    5. Format Overview
    6. Optimizing Projects with the Project Manager
  22. Working with Adobe Encore CS5
    1. Overview of the Encore Interface
    2. Sharing Sequences Between Premiere Pro and Encore
    3. Importing Assets
    4. Linking Everything Together
    5. Making Slideshows
  23. Editing Menus
    1. Menu Editing
    2. Using Photoshop to Edit Menus
  24. The Flowchart, Buttons, and Playlists
    1. The Flowchart View
    2. Changing Button Sequences
    3. Creating Playlists
    4. Creating Chapter Playlists
  25. Previewing and Outputting
    1. Previewing
    2. Checking Your Project
    3. DVD, Blu-ray, and Flash Output
  26. Production Support with Adobe OnLocation CS5
    1. Preproduction with OnLocation CS5
    2. Control Monitor Setup
    3. Monitoring Instruments Before Recording
    4. Direct-to-Disc Recording
    5. Adding Metadata to Clips
    6. Pre-Selecting Clips for Premiere Pro

Product information

  • Title: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5: Learn by Video
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: October 2010
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780132618526