Chapter 2

Understanding the Premiere Pro Workspace


Bullet Finding your way around the workspace

Bullet Identifying your needs

Bullet Working with your computer platform

Bullet Knowing your user type

The moment you set foot in a theme park, you get one of those maps that sort of lets you know the lay of the land. After initial perusal, you end up finding your own way, reverting to the map every now and then to locate the soft-serve stand or find the bathroom.

Premiere Pro is not much different, restrooms aside. In fact, the content on the screen almost resembles a theme park map — you know, if it were called Premiere Pro Land. This chapter provides information for getting around the workspace, which defines the particular way your panels are arranged, and how to make the most of it.

What you do with this information depends on how you will use it. Some users keep it simple, opting for the default setting. Others may resize certain portions of the workspace to maximize their screen real estate. Users more comfortable with the software may select a more specific preset workspace.

Look at the numerous ...

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