Adobe Reader 7 Revealed: Working Effectively with Acrobat PDF Files

Book description

Chances are good that if you use the Web or work with documents on your computer, you've come across a PDF file at least once or twice in your life. Over 500 million people have already downloaded Adobe's free Adobe Reader software and we‚re betting you‚re one of them, which is why we think you'll enjoy this new book on how to get the most out of the little program that‚s conquering the Web.

In the first-ever book on this wildly popular PDF viewer, best-selling author Ted Padova shows you that there's a lot more to Adobe Reader than you may have known. Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional enables document creators to turn on the familiar Acrobat commenting tools for Adobe Reader 7.0 users who are included in a document review. This means that if you have Adobe Reader 7.0, you can view, search, and print Adobe PDF files that look just like the original documents, with all formatting intact. You can also copy text and images, download and read Adobe Digital Editions (eBooks), fill in intelligent Adobe PDF forms, and view Adobe Photoshop Album slide shows and eCards.  

This book offers clear explanations of Adobe Reader features and fully illustrated step-by-step tasks to show you how to maximize your efficiency with this newly boosted productivity tool. So why keep wasting time? If Adobe's going to give you a free lunch, you might as well enjoy it!

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. About the Author
  4. Foreword
  5. Introduction
    1. I Use Adobe!
    2. Why a Book on Adobe Reader?
    3. Who Should Buy This book?
    4. Platform Support
    5. What You Need
      1. Windows
      2. Macintosh
    6. How to Use This Book
    7. Staying Connected
  6. 1. Acquiring and Installing Adobe Reader
    1. Downloading Adobe Reader
    2. Distributing Adobe Reader
    3. Installing Adobe Reader
    4. Creating Web Links to Adobe Reader
  7. 2. Understanding Acrobat Viewers
    1. Adobe Acrobat Professional
    2. Adobe Acrobat Standard
    3. Adobe Reader
    4. Understanding the Adobe Reader Workplace
      1. Using Toolbars
      2. Commenting Toolbars
      3. Expanding Toolbars
      4. Using Navigation Tabs
      5. Using Context Menus
      6. Using Options Menus
    5. Using Additional Reader Window Components
      1. Using the How To Window
      2. Using the Status Bar
      3. Using Scroll Bars
  8. 3. Getting Familiar with Adobe Reader
    1. Understanding Preferences
      1. Setting General Preferences
      2. Setting Identity Preferences
      3. Setting Internet Settings Preferences
      4. Working with Page Display Preferences
      5. Units Preferences
    2. Getting Adobe Reader Help
      1. Using the Help Document
      2. Accessing Help in the How To Window
      3. Using the Help Menu
      4. Using Help Buttons
    3. Working with Menus
      1. File Menu
      2. Edit Menu
      3. View Menu
      4. Document Menu
      5. Tools Menu
      6. Window Menu
      7. Help Menu
      8. Context Menus
  9. 4. Viewing PDF Documents
    1. Opening PDF Documents
      1. Using the Open Tools
      2. Opening Files via Drag and Drop
      3. Viewing Recent Files
      4. Opening to Last Views
    2. Viewing Document Properties
    3. Viewing Open Documents
      1. Bringing Documents to the Foreground
      2. Viewing Multiple Documents
      3. Closing Documents
    4. Viewing Pages
      1. Changing the Page Layout View
      2. Changing Zoom Levels
    5. Viewing Wireframes
    6. Viewing Object Data
    7. Viewing Layers
    8. Using Full Screen Mode
  10. 5. Navigating PDF Documents
    1. Using Navigation Tools
      1. Using the Status Bar
      2. Using the Navigation Toolbar
    2. Using the Go To Menu and Context Menus
      1. Using the Go To Menu Commands
      2. Using Context Menus
    3. Using Buttons and Links
      1. Linking to Layer Visibility
      2. Using Bookmarks
      3. Using Page Thumbnails
    4. Using Cross-Document Links
      1. Assigning Viewing Preferences
      2. Working with Dead Links
      3. Understanding Inoperable Actions
    5. Viewing Articles
      1. Using the Articles Tab
      2. Setting the Zoom Level
      3. Reading Articles
  11. 6. Printing PDFs
    1. Using Print Setup
    2. Printing a Document
    3. Printing Selected Pages
    4. Printing as an Image
    5. Printing Multiple Pages per Sheet
    6. Using Print Buttons
    7. Getting Printing Help
    8. Viewing Overprints
    9. Using PrintMe Internet Printing
  12. 7. Searching PDFs
    1. Using the Find Toolbar
    2. Using Basic Search
    3. Using Advanced Search
    4. Using Search Indexes
    5. Searching PDFs on the Internet
  13. 8. Working with Text and Images
    1. Working with Text
      1. Selecting Text
      2. Copying and Pasting Text
      3. Copying and Pasting Tables
      4. Exporting Text
    2. Working with Images
      1. Selecting Images
      2. Copying and Pasting Image Data
      3. Using the Snapshot Tool
      4. Adjusting Resolution for Copied Images
  14. 9. Working with Picture Tasks
    1. Opening the Picture Tasks Tool
    2. Exporting to Slide Shows
    3. Exporting Pictures
    4. Exporting and Editing Pictures
    5. Printing Pictures
    6. Using Online Services (Windows Only)
    7. Getting Help with Picture Tasks
  15. 10. Saving PDFs
    1. Saving Copies of PDF Documents
    2. Saving PDF Files
    3. Optimizing Files
    4. Autosaving Files
    5. Reverting Files to Last Saved Versions
    6. Saving File Attachments
  16. 11. Using Comment Tools
    1. Enabling PDFs with Adobe Reader Usage Rights
    2. Preparing for a Commenting Session
    3. Using the Note Tool
      1. Setting Defaults
      2. Checking Spelling
      3. Moving Notes and Icons
    4. Using the Commenting Toolbar
      1. Using Text Editing and Highlight Tools
        1. Using Text Edit tools
        2. Using the Highlight tools
    5. Using Drawing Markup Tools
      1. Callout Tool
      2. Cloud Tool
      3. Drawing Tools
        1. Dimensioning tool
        2. Text Box tool
  17. 12. Working with Stamp Comments
    1. Using Stamp Comments
    2. Pasting Clipboard Data
      1. Pasting Clipboard Data on Windows
      2. Pasting Clipboard Data on the Macintosh
    3. Creating Custom Stamps
    4. Managing Custom Stamps
  18. 13. Working with File Attachments
    1. Extracting File Attachments
    2. Attaching Sound Files to PDFs
    3. Attaching Files
  19. 14. Managing Comments
    1. Using the Comments Pane
      1. Viewing Comments
      2. Marking Comments
      3. Sorting Comments
    2. Importing and Exporting Comments
  20. 15. Working with Reviews and Markups
    1. Participating in an Email-Based Review
    2. Participating in a Browser-Based Review
    3. Using the Tracker
  21. 16. Using the Web and Media
    1. Viewing PDFs in Web Browsers
    2. Emailing PDFs
      1. Using the Email Tool
      2. Emailing PDFs from within a Web Browser
    3. Playing Video and Sound Clips
      1. Setting Multimedia Preferences
      2. Playing Sounds and Video
      3. Playing Animation
  22. 17. Using Digital Signatures and Security
    1. Creating Digital Signatures
      1. Creating a Personal Digital ID
        1. Creating an appearance
        2. Creating a Digital ID
      2. Sharing Your Digital ID Certificate
      3. Building a List of Trusted Identities
    2. Signing a Document
    3. Validating Digital Signatures
    4. Encryption Using Certificates
  23. 18. PDFs and Accessibility
    1. Setting Accessibility Preferences
    2. Checking Document Accessibility
    3. Using Commands Designed for Accessible Files
      1. Using Read Out Loud
      2. Automatically Scrolling Documents
    4. Reflowing Documents
  24. 19. Working with PDF Form
    1. Setting Form Preferences
    2. Understanding Form Field Types
    3. Filling In Forms
    4. Exporting and Importing Form Data
    5. Spelling Checking Form Fields
  25. 20. Working with Digital Editions
    1. Activating an Account
    2. Completing the Full Activation Process
    3. Acquiring Digital Editions
    4. Organizing Digital Editions
      1. Adding Files to My Digital Editions
      2. Categorizing Digital Editions
      3. Emailing Digital Editions
    5. Sending Editions to Mobile Devices
    6. Moving Forward
  26. A. Creating PDF Files
    1. Creating PDFs Online
    2. Commercial PDF Creation Tools
      1. Adobe Photoshop Elements
      2. Adobe Photoshop Album
    3. Creating PDFs on the Macintosh
      1. Converting Application Documents to PDF
      2. Converting Screen Shots to PDF
      3. Using Preview
      4. Converting Clipboard Data to PDF
    4. Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extensions
  27. B. Upgrading to Acrobat
    1. Upgrading to the Right Version
    2. System Requirements
      1. Windows System Requirements
      2. Macintosh System Requirements
    3. Acrobat Standard
    4. Acrobat Professional
  28. C. Using the Tutorial Files
    1. Files available for downloading
  29. Colophon

Product information

  • Title: Adobe Reader 7 Revealed: Working Effectively with Acrobat PDF Files
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: February 2005
  • Publisher(s): Adobe Press
  • ISBN: 9780321305312