Adobe XD CC Classroom in a Book (2019 Release), First Edition

Book description

Creative professionals and UX designers seeking the fastest, easiest, most comprehensive way to learn Adobe XD (2019 release) choose Adobe XD CC Classroom in a Book (2019 release) from the best-selling series of hands-on software training workbooks from Adobe Press. The 11 project-based lessons in this book guide users step-by-step through key techniques in XD for designing and prototyping cutting edge content for websites and mobile apps. You'll set up a project, create graphics, add images and text, organize content, and work with symbols and Libraries. You'll learn how to add effects and work with repeat grid. And you'll gain proficiency in prototyping, and how to preview, share, comment, and export.


The online companion files include all the necessary assets for readers to complete the projects featured in each chapter as well as ebook updates when Adobe releases relevant new features for Creative Cloud customers. All buyers of the book get full access to the Web Edition: a Web-based version of the complete ebook enhanced with video and multiple-choice quizzes.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Where are the Lesson Files?
  5. Contents
  6. Getting Started
    1. About Classroom in a Book
    2. Prerequisites
    3. Installing the program
    4. Online Content
    5. Recommended lesson order
    6. Jumpstart
    7. Additional resources
    8. Adobe Authorized Training Centers
  7. 1 An Introduction to Adobe XD CC
    1. Introducing Adobe XD CC
    2. A typical UX design workflow
    3. Starting Adobe XD and opening a file
    4. Exploring the workspace (macOS)
    5. Exploring the workspace (Windows)
    6. Working in Design mode
    7. Prototype mode
    8. Changing the view of artwork
    9. Previewing your designs
    10. Sharing your designs
    11. Finding resources for using Adobe XD
  8. 2 Setting Up a Project
    1. Starting the lesson
    2. Creating and saving a new document
    3. Creating and editing artboards
    4. Adding grids to artboards
    5. Managing artboards with the Layers panel
  9. 3 Creating and Importing Graphics
    1. Starting the lesson
    2. Graphics and Adobe XD
    3. Creating and editing shapes
    4. Bringing in content from Adobe Illustrator
    5. Drawing with the Pen tool
    6. Working with UI Kits
  10. 4 Adding Images and Text
    1. Starting the lesson
    2. Assets and Adobe XD
    3. Bringing in content from Photoshop
    4. Masking content
    5. Working with text
  11. 5 Organizing Content
    1. Starting the lesson
    2. Arranging objects
    3. Working with the Layers panel
    4. Working with groups
    5. Aligning content
    6. Positioning objects
    7. Fixed positioning
  12. 6 Working with Assets and CC Libraries
    1. Starting the lesson
    2. Managing assets with the Assets panel
    3. Working with Creative Cloud Libraries
  13. 7 Using Effects, Repeat Grids, and Responsive Resize
    1. Starting the lesson
    2. Applying and editing gradients
    3. Understanding effects
    4. Using repeat grids
    5. Responsive resize
  14. 8 Creating A Prototype
    1. Starting the lesson
    2. Starting with prototypes
    3. Taking prototypes further
  15. 9 Previewing a Prototype
    1. Starting the lesson
    2. Recording a prototype
    3. Previewing on a device
  16. 10 Sharing Documents, Prototypes, and Design Specs
    1. Starting the lesson
    2. Methods of sharing
  17. 11 Exporting and Integration
    1. Starting the lesson
    2. Exporting assets
    3. Using plugins
  18. Index

Product information

  • Title: Adobe XD CC Classroom in a Book (2019 Release), First Edition
  • Author(s): Brian Wood
  • Release date: May 2019
  • Publisher(s): Adobe Press
  • ISBN: 9780135649183