This class in an intermediate step in the DataAdapter hierarchy. Relational database provider-specific DataAdapter objects inherit from this class, which extends the DataAdapter. Note that this class doesn’t implement the System.Data.IDbDataAdapter interface. If it did, classes that derive from DbDataAdapter would be forced to use weakly typed commands (in other words, allow any System.Data.IDbCommand object for properties such as SelectCommand instead of provider-specific objects such as System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand ). A more complete description of the inheritance chain is provided in the DataAdapter description.

You probably won’t ever use the DbDataAdapter class directly. If you write generic client-side code that works with any provider-specific object, refer to the DataAdapter using the System.Data.IDbDataAdapter interface, which includes all important members in one package.

public abstract class DbDataAdapter : DataAdapter, ICloneable {

// Protected Constructors

   protected DbDataAdapter( );  

   protected DbDataAdapter(DbDataAdapter adapter);  

// Public Static Fields

   public const string DefaultSourceTableName;                 // =Table

                  // Public Instance Methods

   public override int Fill(System.Data.DataSet dataSet);     // overrides DataAdapter

   public int Fill(System.Data.DataSet dataSet, int startRecord, int maxRecords, string srcTable);

   public int Fill(System.Data.DataSet dataSet, string srcTable);

   public int Fill(System.Data.DataTable dataTable); public override DataTable[ ...

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