This class represents a data adapter that can transfer information from an OLE DB data source to a System.Data.DataSet and update a data source with changes made to the DataSet. For information about the basic OleDbDataAdapter methods and properties, refer to the reference for the System.Data.IDbDataAdapter and System.Data.IDataAdapter interfaces, which OleDbDataAdapter implements.

public sealed class OleDbDataAdapter : System.Data.Common.DbDataAdapter, System.Data.IDbDataAdapter {

// Public Constructors

   public OleDbDataAdapter( );  

   public OleDbDataAdapter(OleDbCommand selectCommand);  

   public OleDbDataAdapter(string selectCommandText, OleDbConnection selectConnection);

   public OleDbDataAdapter(string selectCommandText, string selectConnectionString);

// Public Instance Properties

   public OleDbCommand DeleteCommand{set; get; } 

   public OleDbCommand InsertCommand{set; get; } 

   public OleDbCommand SelectCommand{set; get; } 

   public OleDbCommand UpdateCommand{set; get; } 

// Public Instance Methods

   public int Fill(System.Data.DataSet dataSet, object ADODBRecordSet, string srcTable);

   public int Fill(System.Data.DataTable dataTable, object ADODBRecordSet);

// Protected Instance Methods

   protected override RowUpdatedEventArgs CreateRowUpdatedEvent(System.Data.DataRow dataRow,

        System.Data.IDbCommand command, System.Data.StatementType statementType,

        System.Data.Common.    DataTableMapping tableMapping); // overrides System.Data.Common.DbDataAdapter protected override RowUpdatingEventArgs ...

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