This System.EventArgs class provides data for the OleDbDataAdapter.RowUpdating event. For more information, refer to the abstract base class System.Data.Common.RowUpdatingEvent-Args, which defines all members.

public sealed class OleDbRowUpdatingEventArgs : System.Data.Common.RowUpdatingEventArgs {

// Public Constructors

   public OleDbRowUpdatingEventArgs(System.Data.DataRow dataRow, System.Data.IDbCommand command,

        System.Data.StatementType statementType, System.Data.Common.DataTableMapping tableMapping);

// Public Instance Properties

   public OleDbCommand Command{set; get; } 



System.Object System.EventArgs System.Data.Common.RowUpdatingEventArgs OleDbRowUpdatingEventArgs

Passed To

OleDbRowUpdatingEventHandler.{BeginInvoke( ), Invoke( )}

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