In this chapter, the physical layer developments of the two chipless radiofrequency identification (RFID) tag types, experimental setup, and results are presented in microwave and millimeter-wave domains. The first tag type is a single input single output (SISO) tag having circular resonators that operates between 21 and 27 GHz. The second type is the novel multiple input multiple output (MIMO) tag having multiresonators that operates at the frequency band 2.4 GHz. A brief summary of the two tag types are given in Figure 9.1. The rest of the chapter describes the design of the tags and experimental verification of the proposed tag detection techniques in Chapter 10 and 11.


Figure 9.1 Tag types used in SISO and MIMO detection algorithm developments.


In this section, a circular patch resonator-based backscattering chipless RFID tag design is discussed. The tags are operating between 21 and 27 GHz frequency range. The tags are fabricated on a thin film paper using the SATO printer having a conductive ink. Then, the tags are read using an existing chipless RFID reader developed by Kalansuriya at Monash Microwave, Antenna, RFID and Sensor Laboratory, Monash University.

9.2.1 Tag Design and Fabrication

Figure 9.2 shows the photograph of a 4-bit tag designed at the 21–27 GHz ultrawide band (UWB).The tag is ...

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