Trinary Hybrid Multilevel Inverter (THMI)

The trinary hybrid multilevel inverter (THMI) has many advantages. We carefully analyze its characteristics in this chapter [1].

9.1    Topology and Operation

A single-phase THMI with h HBs connected in series is shown in Figure 9.1. The key feature of the THMI is that the ratio of DC link voltage is 1:3:…:3h−1, where h is the number of HBs. The maximum number of synthesized voltage levels is 3h.

As shown in Figure 9.1, vHi represents the output voltage of the ith HB. Vdci represents the DC link voltage of the ith HB. A switching function, Fi, is used to relate VHi and Vdci as shown in



The value of Fi can be either 1 or −1 or 0. For the value 1, switches Si1 and Si4 need to ...

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