Design Examples for Wind Turbine and Solar Panel Energy Systems

Wind turbine and solar panel energy are clean and renewable. In recent years, their applications have attracted much worldwide attention. Therefore, the design of wind turbine and solar panel energy systems is a very popular research area.

15.1  Introduction

We first introduce some units used to measure large values of power. They are grouped by order of magnitude as follows:

•  kW—kilowatt (103 W)

•  MW—megawatt (106 W)

•  GW—gigawatt (109 W)

•  TW—terawatt (1012 W)

•  PW—petawatt (1015 W)

•  EW—exawatt (1018 W)

•  ZW—zettawatt (1021 W)

•  YW—yottawatt (1024 W)

The relationship between the watt and joule is: 1 joule = 1 watt × 1 second.

The sun radiates 3.8 × 1020 MW into ...

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