ResNet v2

After the release of the second paper on ResNet [4], the original model presented in the previous section has been known as ResNet v1. The improved ResNet is commonly called ResNet v2. The improvement is mainly found in the arrangement of layers in the residual block as shown in following figure.

The prominent changes in ResNet v2 are:

  • The use of a stack of 1 × 1 - 3 × 3 - 1 × 1 BN-ReLU-Conv2D
  • Batch normalization and ReLU activation come before 2D convolution
ResNet v2

Figure 2.3.1: A comparison of residual blocks between ResNet v1 and ResNet v2

ResNet v2 is also implemented in the same code as

def resnet_v2(input_shape, depth, ...

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