Clean images

We will also read the same 25 images without the black line and save them in trainy, as shown in the following code:

# Read image files without black linesetwd("~/Desktop/people")temp = list.files(pattern="*.jpg")mypic <- list()for (i in 1:length(temp)) {mypic[[i]] <- readImage(temp[i])}for (i in 1:length(temp)) {mypic[[i]] <- resize(mypic[[i]], 128, 128)}for (i in 1:length(temp)) {dim(mypic[[i]]) <- c(128, 128,3)}trainy <- combine(mypic)trainy <- aperm(trainy, c(4,1,2,3))par(mfrow = c(4,4), mar = rep(0, 4))for (i in 1:16) plot(as.raster(trainy[i,,,]))par(mfrow = c(1,1))

Here, after resizing and changing dimensions, we are combining the images, just like we did previously. We also need to make some adjustments to the dimensions ...

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