Answers to Chapter 5 Review Questions

1: What parameters must be matched for OSPF routers to become adjacent?
A1: Hello interval, Dead interval, Wait interval, and the link type.
2: Is it ever normal for two OSPF routers to reach only a two-way state? When?
A2: Yes; when neither one of them are DR or BDR on a multi-access network.
3: What is a good way to test for MTU mismatches?
A3: Extended ping using various packet sizes.
4: Explain why having a router dial backup beyond the point of summarization is bad.
A4: The only way to make it work is to inject more specific routes into the routing table of all the other routers in the network, which can cause problems. (It won't scale.)
5: What options do you have with a remote dual-homed into two different ...

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