Chapter 21Images and Graphics

Defining Images in HTML

Without images web pages would be pretty dull. In fact, it is hard to imagine a modern web site without graphics. Inserting images into HTML is very simple. However, the images inserted via HTML simply sit there; they don’t do anything dynamic. Thankfully, adding that dynamic behavior with JavaScript is not a difficult task. The syntax to define an image in HTML is as follows:

<IMG   [NAME="imageName"]   SRC="Location"   [LOWSRC="Location"]   [HEIGHT="Pixels" | "Value"%]   [WIDTH="Pixels" | "Value"%]   [SPACE="Pixels"]   [BORDER = "Pixels"]   [ALIGN = "left" | "right" |"top" | "absmiddle" | "absbottom"            |"texttop" | "middle" | "baseline" | "bottom" ]   [ISMAP]   [USEMAP="Location#MapName"]   [onAbort="handlerText ...

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