Chapter 12. A CASE STUDY

Topics in this Chapter

  • The Fruitstand

    • The Homepage

    • The Storefront

    • The Checkout

    • The Purchase

  • The Model 2 Framework

    • The Model

    • The Views—JSP Pages and Templates

    • The Controllers—Servlets and Actions

  • Internationalization

  • Authentication

  • Sensitive Form Resubmissions

  • SSL

  • XML and DOM

This book has focused on singular techniques for implementing web applications, such as Model 2 frameworks, internationalization, and authentication. This chapter shows you how to use many of those techniques to implement a nontrivial Web application—an online fruitstand. That fruitstand:

  • Is an An e-commerce application with inventory, users, and shopping carts

  • Is implemented with a Model 2 MVC architecture

  • Is internationalized in three languages: English, German, and ...

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