Dispatch Sources

Dispatch sources represent streams of events. When an event associated with a dispatch source occurs, an event handler (such as a block) is scheduled on a designated queue. You make a new dispatch source with dispatch_source_create():

dispatch_source_t dispatch_source_create (dispatch_source_type_t type,
                                          uintptr_t handle,
                                          unsigned long mask,
                                          dispatch_queue_t queue);

type is one of these constants:

 ​ ​D​I​S​P​A​T​C​H​_​S​O​U​R​C​E​_​T​Y​P​E​_​D​A​T​A​_​A​D​D​ ​ ​D​I​S​P​A​T​C​H​_​S​O​U​R​C​E​_​T​Y​P​E​_​D​A​T​A​_​O​R​ ​ ​D​I​S​P​A​T​C​H​_​S​O​U​R​C​E​_​T​Y​P​E​_​M​A​C​H​_​S​E​N​D​ ​ ​D​I​S​P​A​T​C​H​_​S​O​U​R​C​E​_​T​Y​P​E​_​M​A​C​H​_​R​E​C​V​ ​ ​D​I​S​P​A​T​C​H​_​S​O​U​R​C​E​_​T​Y​P​E​_​P​R​O​C​ ​ ​D​I​S​P​A​T​C​H​_​S​O​U​R​C​E​_​T​Y​P​E​_​R​E​A​D​ ...

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