2 EM Noise and Its Impact on Human Health and Safety

Halina Aniołczyk

Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine, Lodz, Poland

2.1 Introduction

The latest approach to ensure a high level of protection of contemporary humanity as well as electrical and electronic equipment against undesirable emission of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) consists of two aspects: technical standardization of products included in those devices (equipment and installations), which must meet the requirements of the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and the bio‐hygienic standards that specify the admissible limits for the EMF emissions to ensure the safety and protection of human health. This is particularly important because in recent years the lifestyle and work of people in many countries have significantly changed as a result of the development of modern telecommunication and data communication systems, especially wireless, which is clearly manifested by the expansion of mobile phone systems, development of computer technology, and the rapid spread of the use of wireless internet. At the same time, progress in medicine has enabled individuals with dysfunctional organs to make use of pacemakers, defibrillators, implants, and inner ear prostheses, neurostimulators of retina (active implants) or artificial joints, surgical clips, stents (passive implants), etc. Such people are more exposed to health hazards due to the impact of the EMF from various devices and systems. The Earth's natural electromagnetic ...

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