5Electrical Characterization of Shielding Materials

B. J. Madhu

Department of Post Graduate Studies in Physics, Government Science College, Chitradurga, 577 501, Karnataka, India

5.1 Introduction

The impact of electromagnetic radiation on human beings and other living beings due to radiation emitted from mobile and other communication devices is a major, recent problem. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) with other electric and magnetic devices is also a major problem leading to a decrease in the efficiency of the devices. EMI shielding is needed to protect electronic instruments from electromagnetic interference emitted by computer circuits, radio transmitters, cellular phones, electric motors, overhead power lines, etc. EMI shielding is the process of reducing the electromagnetic field in a space by blocking the field with barriers made of conductive and magnetic materials. In the present chapter, significant electrical properties of the materials required for effective EMI shielding are discussed. Understanding and interpreting electrical measurements of EMI shielding materials are critical to develop efficient shielding devices.

This chapter starts with a brief comprehensive description of the basics of electrostatics. Subsequently, Section 5.3 discusses electrical conductivity aspects. Section 5.4 introduces the dielectrics and polarization in materials. Section 5.5 deals with the dielectric properties of materials under static and alternating electric fields. Section ...

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