4.3. Installation Instructionss

This section describes how to install the PL/Vision Lite product and to use the PL/Vision Online Reference and the other files on the companion disk (view disk content online at http://examples.oreilly.com/advoracle).

4.3.1. What's On the Disk?

You'll see the following four files on the disk provided with this book (view disk content online at http://examples.oreilly.com/advoracle):


Contains label information (product name and version number)


Compressed PL/Vision Lite software and online companion reference


Instructions for acquiring a non-Windows version of PL/Vision Lite


Executable file that installs the PL/Vision Lite program files (contained in plvlite.001).

4.3.2. Storage Requirements

To determine how much space you will need in the SYSTEM tablespace to install the PL/Vision packages, I ran the following script in my own PL/Vision account:

SELECT type, 
       SUM (source_size) source_size, 
       SUM (parsed_size) parsed_size, 
       SUM (code_size) code_size
  FROM user_object_size
    OR name = 'P'
 GROUP BY type
 ORDER BY code_size DESC

This script accesses the USER_OBJECT_SIZE data dictionary to sum up the total size of source code (source_size), parsed code (parsed_size), and compiled code (code_size). The results are shown below (and may vary according to the final state of the code at time of publication):

SQL> start plvsize SEF TYPE SOURCE_SIZE PARSED_SIZE CODE_SIZE --------------- ------------------ ...

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