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Advanced PHP for Web Professionals

Book Description

  • Build complex, PHP-driven Web sites—fast!

  • Discover powerful new PHP techniques, hands on!

  • Learn all-new techniques based on PHP-GTK and PEAR::DB

  • Master XML parsing, user authentication, forms processing, data mining, and much more

  • Take your PHP programming skills to the next level!

    In this concise, hands-on tutorial, PHP expert Christopher Cosentino delivers dozens of powerful new techniques for building serious Web applications. Through professional-quality examples drawn from his six years as a PHP developer, Cosentino walks you through building friendlier, more usable sites; improving user authentication; generating dynamic graphics; parsing XML documents; building database-independent Web applications; and much more!

    Take PHP to the limit... and beyond!

  • Manage sessions more effectively

  • Interact with multiple databases via PEAR::DB

  • Improve your form processing scripts

  • Parse large files and perform data mining

  • Authenticate users by IP address, database query, or HTTP authentication

  • Create custom error handlers

  • Dump database contents into XML files

  • Use PHP-GTK to build client-side cross-platform GUI applications

  • And more...

  • Table of Contents

    1. Copyright
    2. The Prentice Hall PTR Advanced Web Development Series
    3. About Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference
    4. Preface
    5. PHP Review
      1. Overview
      2. PHP Syntax
      3. Variables
      4. Operators
      5. Arrays
      6. If/Then Statements
      7. Switch Statements
      8. For Loops
      9. Foreach Loops
      10. While Loops
      11. Do While Loops
      12. User-Defined Functions
      13. Object Oriented Programming with PHP
      14. phpinfo( )
      15. Additional Resources
    6. Session Management
      1. Introduction to Session Management in PHP4
      2. Initial php.ini Settings for Session Management
      3. Starting a Session
      4. The Contents of Session Files
      5. Tracking Variables across Pages during a Session
      6. Unregistering Session Variables
      7. Destroying Sessions
      8. A Simple Session-Based Shopping Cart
    7. Multiple Database Interaction
      1. Advanced Database Interaction in PHP4
      2. Database-Specific Functions in PHP
      3. DBX—PHP Support for Multiple Databases
      4. Creating Your Own Support for Multiple Databases
      5. Using Pear::DB
    8. Better Form Processing
      1. Introduction to Better Forms
      2. Post and Get
      3. Souping Up the Script
      4. Form-Field Checking
      5. Using $HTTP_GET_VARS and $HTTP_POST_VARS
      6. Putting It All Together
      7. Variable Variables
    9. Using What You Have Learned—A Simple Shopping Cart
      1. Introduction
      2. Features of the Shopping Cart
      3. Setting It Up
      4. The Code
    10. Working with Files
      1. Overview
      2. Opening and Closing Files
      3. Putting It to Use
      4. Data Mining
      5. Parsing Large Files
    11. PHP Authentication Schemes
      1. User Authentication Overview
      2. Generating Passwords
      3. Authenticating Users Against Text Files
      4. Authenticating Users by IP Address
      5. Authenticating Users Using HTTP Authentication
      6. Authenticating Users by Database Query
    12. Error Management
      1. Overview
      2. Error Reporting
    13. Using What You Have Learned—A Meeting Tracker Application
      1. Introduction
      2. Setting It Up
      3. The Code
    14. PHP and XML
      1. Overview
      2. Creating an XML Parser
      3. Parsing and Transforming XML Documents
      4. Dumping Database Contents into an XML File
    15. Generating Dynamic Graphics with PHP
      1. Overview
      2. The GD Library
      3. Enabling GD Support
      4. Generating Graphics with GD
    16. PHPGTK
      1. Introduction to PHPGTK
      2. Installing PHPGTK
      3. Creating Basic GTK Objects
      4. Putting It All Together
      5. A Simple PHPGTK Application
    17. Index