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Advanced React.js LiveLessons

Video Description

More Than Four Hours of Video Training


Advanced React.js LiveLessons looks at the libraries that make React a complete front-end solution for building applications. First, React router is covered, which is the de facto standard React routing solution. Next, the training looks at Flux, the original data management pattern for large React apps. Then, the training covers the fundamentals of Redux, an extremely popular data management library inspired by Flux. Finally, the video series discusses strategies and libraries that are useful for testing react applications.

Skill Level


What You Will Learn

* Utilizing libraries to make React a complete front-end solution

* React router

* Flux

* Redux

* Testing React applications

Who Should Take This Course

Intermediate to experienced developers who would like to learn React.js for front-end web development.

Course Requirements

* JavaScript


* AJAX (not required, but useful for this course)

* REST (not required, but useful for this course)

* ES6 (not required, but useful for this course)

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Advanced React.js LiveLessons: Introduction 00:01:03
  2. Lesson 9: Creating Routes for Your App with React Router
    1. 9.0 Learning objectives 00:00:46
    2. 9.1 Implement simple page routing with react-router 00:07:31
    3. 9.2 Create a navbar using the Link component 00:04:23
    4. 9.3 Understand how to use URL parameters and deep nesting 00:04:21
    5. 9.4 Utilize index routes, links, and active route styling 00:06:40
    6. 9.5 Use the browser history 00:02:57
  3. Lesson 10: Managing Application State with Flux
    1. 10.0 Learning objectives 00:00:46
    2. 10.1 Understand why Flux exists 00:05:45
    3. 10.2 Grasp the Flux architecture 00:13:25
    4. 10.3 Design your Flux views 00:02:54
    5. 10.4 Define action constants 00:03:54
    6. 10.5 Use the dispatcher 00:04:07
    7. 10.6 Define action creators 00:02:56
    8. 10.7 Understand stores 00:13:08
  4. Lesson 11: Managing Application State with Redux
    1. 11.0 Learning objectives 00:00:52
    2. 11.1 Understand how Redux differs from Flux   00:01:20
    3. 11.2 Define action creators 00:06:00
    4. 11.3 Understand pure functions 00:07:48
    5. 11.4 Understand simple reducers 00:04:14
    6. 11.5 Implement a simple store 00:05:30
    7. 11.6 Bind reducers to your store and compnents 00:05:19
    8. 11.7 Refactor to container and presentational components 00:06:35
    9. 11.8 Design larger state trees 00:10:02
    10. 11.9 Understand combine reducers 00:07:54
    11. 11.10 Use higher order containers with react-redux 00:25:42
  5. Lesson 12: Testing
    1. 12.0 Learning objectives 00:00:51
    2. 12.1 Unit test a Redux reducer 00:09:17
    3. 12.2 Unit test a Redux action creator 00:03:40
    4. 12.3 Unit test a presentational component with Enzyme 00:09:27
    5. 12.4 Test component lifecycle methods with full rendering 00:04:54
  6. Summary
    1. Advanced React.js LiveLessons: Summary 00:00:53