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Advances in Business, Operations, and Product Analytics: Cutting Edge Cases from Finance to Manufacturing to Healthcare

Book Description

If you're seeking to master business analytics, case studies offer invaluable help: they expose you to the entire decision-making process, helping you practice an active role in both performing analysis and using its output to recommend optimal decisions. Now, drawing on his extensive teaching and consulting experience, Prof. Matthew Drake has created the ideal new casebook for all analytics students and practitioners.

Drake, author of the widely-praised Applied Business Analytics Casebook, now presents a collection of up-to-date cases that are longer and more detailed than those typically presented in undergraduate texts, but concise and focused enough to be taught in a single classroom session. Organized by analytical technique, Advances in Business, Operations, and Product Analytics covers:

  • Descriptive analytics: descriptive statistics, sampling/inferential statistics, statistical quality control, and probability

  • Predictive analytics: forecasting, demand managing, data and text mining

  • Prescriptive analytics: optimization-based modeling, simulation-based modeling, decision analysis, and multi-criteria decision making

  • Industry-specific analytics: HR and managerial analytics, financial analytics, and healthcare/life sciences

  • In addition to practitioners, this casebook will be especially valuable to students and faculty in undergraduate and masters' courses that cover topics in business analytics, and courses applying analytics to specific industries such as healthcare, or specific business functions such as marketing.

    Table of Contents

    1. About This eBook
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Dedication Page
    5. Contents
    6. Acknowledgments
    7. About the Author
    8. About the Contributors
    9. Preface
      1. Endnote
    10. Part I: General Business Analytics
      1. 1. VidoCo Demand Forecast Information Sharing
        1. Background
        2. VidoCo and TechnoMart
        3. Study Questions
        4. Endnotes
        5. Exhibits
      2. 2. Container Returns at Pasadena Water Solutions
        1. PWS’s People Planet Profit (P3) Sustainability Initiative
        2. PWS’s Operations
        3. The Water Systems Shipping Containers
        4. The Container Supply Chain
        5. Mike’s Options
        6. Exhibit
      3. 3. Developing a Business Model to Improve the Energy Sustainability of Existing Buildings
        1. Introduction
        2. Improving Energy Efficiency at Bogaziçi Sarıtepe Campus
        3. Energy Efficiency Measures Identified for Bogaziçi Sarıtepe Campus
        4. Selecting the Energy Efficiency Measures Optimally for a Given Budget
        5. Selecting Energy Efficiency Measures in Multiple Time Periods
        6. Offering Energy Efficiency Measures as a Service: ESCO Business Model
        7. Investing in Energy Efficiency Measures as an Alternative Source of Energy
        8. Study Questions
        9. Endnote
        10. Exhibits
      4. 4. Contracting for LTL Services at Hankey Industries
        1. Hankey Industries’ Logistics Operations
        2. Contracting for LTL Services
        3. LTL Rate Quotes
        4. Selecting Contracts for LTL Services
        5. Endnotes
        6. Exhibits
      5. 5. Optimal Product Bundling at Point and Shoot Camera Shop
        1. Company Background
        2. Product Bundling
        3. Market Research
        4. Developing an Optimal Bundling Strategy
        5. Exhibits
      6. 6. Intermodal Routing for an Ocean Container
        1. Company Background
        2. Intermodal Routing Options
        3. Route Selection Decision
        4. Exhibits
    11. Part II: Analytics in the Service and Utility Industries
      1. 7. Lolly’s Restaurant
        1. Study Questions
        2. Endnote
        3. Exhibits
      2. 8. Strategies for Managing Service Delivery Gaps and Service Recovery
        1. Background on the Hotel Industry in India
        2. Service Failure
        3. Service Recovery
        4. Service Process Improvement
        5. Conclusion
        6. Endnotes
        7. Additional Readings
        8. Exhibit
      3. 9. EverClean Energy, Inc.: Wind Energy Versus Natural Gas
        1. Introduction
        2. Company Background
        3. Wind Energy
        4. Drivers of Wind Energy Costs
          1. Capital Investment Costs
          2. Capacity Availability and Efficiency
          3. Ongoing Operating Costs
          4. Other
        5. The Declining Cost of Wind Energy
        6. Factors Affecting the Cost to Generate Electricity from Natural Gas
        7. Conclusion
        8. Acknowledgments
        9. Endnotes
        10. Exhibits
      4. 10. Slotting Pharmaceuticals in an Automated Dispensing Cabinet
        1. Southeast Ohio Women’s Hospital
        2. Medication Profile
        3. Strategy for Stocking the ADC
        4. ADC Benefit Analysis
        5. Endnotes
        6. Exhibits
    12. Part III: Analytics in Accounting and Finance
      1. 11. Tax Ramifications of S Corporation Shareholder Termination or Change of Ownership Interest
        1. Introduction
        2. Decision Scenarios and Discussion
          1. Background Information
          2. Decision Scenario One: S Corporation Termination of a Shareholder’s Interest
          3. Decision Scenario Two: S Corporation Change in a Shareholder’s Interest through Sale of Stock Other Than Termination of an Interest
        3. Conclusion
        4. References
      2. 12. Charleston Rigging
        1. History of Charleston Rigging
        2. The Opportunity
        3. The Marketing Study
        4. Endnote
        5. Exhibits
      3. 13. Equipment Purchase and Replacement Strategy at the Fayette China Company
        1. Company Background
        2. Equipment Replacement Strategy
          1. Initial Cost
          2. Operating and Maintenance Cost
          3. Salvage Value for Used Machinery
        3. Equipment Purchase Decision
        4. Exhibits
    13. Part IV: Analytics in the Public Sector
      1. 14. Using Regression to Improve Parole Board Decisions
        1. Study Questions
        2. Closing Comments
        3. Exhibit
      2. 15. Redesigning Pittsburgh Port Authority’s Bus Transit System
        1. Introduction
        2. Pre-analysis
        3. Model
        4. Data for Case Analysis
        5. Study Questions
        6. Endnote
        7. Exhibits
    14. Part V: Analytics in Management and Ethical Decision Making
      1. 16. The Bloodgate Affair: A Case of Breaking Rules and Breaching Trust?
        1. Introduction
          1. Rugby
          2. The Heineken Cup
          3. Harlequins Versus Leinster
        2. The Incident
        3. The Immediate Aftermath
        4. The Outcome of the ERC Disciplinary Panel Hearing
        5. Responses to the Verdict
        6. The Delayed Aftermath
          1. Harlequins Internal Enquiry
          2. Appeals to the ERC Disciplinary Panel—Monday, August 17, 2009
          3. Response to the Appeal Decisions
        7. Epilogue
        8. The Task
        9. Study Questions
        10. Endnotes
        11. Additional Reading
        12. Exhibit
      2. 17. Trouble on the Thames: Event Disruption, Public Protest, or Public Disorder
        1. Introduction
        2. The Act of Protest at the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race
        3. The Protester
        4. The Immediate Aftermath
        5. The Reaction
          1. The Media
          2. The Athletes/Rowers
          3. The Officials/Organizers
          4. Oldfield’s Reaction
          5. The Judiciary and the Verdict
          6. Oldfield’s Supporters
        6. Epilogue
        7. The Task
        8. Study Questions
        9. Endnotes
        10. Additional Reading
        11. Exhibit
    15. Index