Developments in 3D-NAND Flash technology

R. Shirota,    National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan


The market size of the NAND Flash memory has become around 20 billion US$ and has been increasing for the use of many applications, such as USB memory, embedded memory of mobile devices, SSD and so on. However, conventional 2D-NAND Flash memory has now reached its scaling limit of the cell. Thus, 3D-NAND Flash technology is now in strong demand. In this chapter, conventional 2D-NAND cell scaling issues are reviewed. Then, several kinds of cell structure and also device operation methods are reviewed. Finally, the operation margin issues of 3D-NAND Flash are overviewed.

Key words

NAND Flash memory; BiCS cell; TCAT cell; VG cell; SONOS memory ...

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