JUST BECAUSE YOU’VE reached the end of your Arduino adventures here, it doesn’t mean your adventures are finished! It’s time for you to venture out on your own. There are lots of things to explore and many resources to help you explore them.

More Boards, Shields, Sensors and Actuators

You have already looked at two Arduino boards besides the Arduino Uno: the Lilypad and Leonardo. Arduinos come many shapes and sizes, so if you have a project in mind, explore what might be best for it. Does it need to be small? The Sparkfun Arduino Pro Mini ( or Arduino Micro ( might be perfect. Do you want to add lots of touch sensors and play audio files? The Bare Conductive Touch Board ( does that all on a single board!


A shield is a soldered circuit that fits perfectly on top of your Arduino Uno board. It can hold some complicated circuitry like an Arduino Ethernet Shield ( that lets you connect your Arduino to the Internet with an Ethernet cable. There are shields that add touch screens, MP3 players, motor control and much more. Visit your favourite store—whether in person or online—and see what’s available.

Sensors and Actuators

There are also many more sensors available than you’ve used for the adventures in this ...

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