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Adventures in Experience Design

Book Description

Whether teaching or learning UX Design, activities often sink in deeper than lectures. And game-like activities with a lesson included both engage and instruct. This book contains fun and challenging activities to help participants learn core concepts in user experience, from sketching, to photo safaris that encourage field observation, to creating an experience model for your daily bus ride, etc. It is structured as 50% activity and 50% explanation.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Acclaim for Adventures
  4. Acknowledgements
  5. Contents
  6. Introduction
    1. One activity is worth a thousand words of lecture
    2. http://adventuresxd.com
  7. Starting the Adventure
    1. The Path Ahead
    2. Warm-Up Game
  8. Sponge!
    1. Working with Assumptions
    2. Creating Research Questions
    3. Active Listening
    4. Basic Body Language
    5. It’s in the Smile
    6. The Next Top Model
    7. Spotlight: Personas
    8. The SPONGE challenge!
    9. Make a Plan, Man
    10. Profile of (Name)
    11. The Debrief
  9. Spark!
    1. Introducing: The Spark Frame
    2. Choosing Improvements
    3. Defining the Problem
    4. Cracked Case Study: The Yolk’s on You
    5. Understanding Impact
    6. Sparking a Solution Idea
    7. Spark Case Study: RunPee.com
    8. How They Do It: Design and Content
    9. Exploring Solutions
    10. The SPARK Challenge!
    11. The Debrief
  10. Splatter!
    1. Why Designers Sketch Concepts
    2. Visual Language
    3. Sketching Many Concepts
    4. The Case of the Bald Biker
    5. It’s No Shame to Reframe
    6. Working with Constraints
    7. Brainstorming Essentials
    8. Be Open and Playful
    9. Detecting Patterns
    10. The SPLATTER challenge!
    11. Brainstorm Fuel
    12. The Debrief
  11. Sculpt!
    1. The Power of a Savvy No
    2. Design Principles
    3. Context of Use
    4. Feasibility, Viability, Desirability
    5. Desirability
    6. Sleepin’ with the Fishes, Sea?
    7. Sleepin’ with the Fishes, Sea?
    8. Sleeping with the Fishes: Personas
    9. Now Featuring... Features!
    10. Performance and Delight Features
    11. Under Prioritization Pressure
    12. Interactive Prototypes
    13. Sketching a Digital Prototype
    14. Testing a Paper Prototype
    15. Templates for Test Screens
    16. Testing Activity
    17. After the Test
    18. Physical Prototypes: Totally Doable
    19. The SCULPT Challenge!
    20. Testing Activity
    21. The Debrief
  12. Storytell!
    1. Brands Are Solutions... with Personality
    2. Brand Building Blocks: Show Some Promise
    3. Stacking Brand Building Blocks: Truth & the Universe
    4. The Brand Speaks! Voice & Tone
    5. Keep Your Story Straight: Brand Bibles
    6. Brand Meets World: Make Your Marketing
    7. You Talkin’ to Me? Know Your Audience
    8. Smooth Operator: The Art of Marketing
    9. Case Study Comparison: Livin’ on the Edge
    10. When & Where: Storytelling Platforms
    11. The STORYTELL Challenge!
    12. Challenge Help: Brand Building
    13. Challenge Help: Brand Building
    14. The Debrief
  13. Coming Down from the Mountain
  14. Activity Answers & Resources
    1. Menu from Maître Do, Maître Don’t (page 12)
  15. Index