THIS BOOK IS going to help you learn how to write programs or mods that interact with your Minecraft world, allowing you to do some very exciting things. You use a programming language called Python to do it. This way of controlling the Minecraft world from a Python program was first created for Minecraft: Pi Edition on the Raspberry Pi. If you don’t have a Raspberry Pi but have Minecraft for Windows or Apple Mac instead, that’s okay; you just need to do some extra work on the setup before you get started, which this adventure shows you how to do.

This book is full of adventures that teach you how to write programs for the Minecraft game. It’s packed with all sorts of things you can do with Minecraft to entertain your friends and make the game even more fun to play. You will discover some pretty flashy ways to move your player around, and before long you’ll be finding it easy to build whole cities and Minecraft creations that have never been seen before.

The Python programming language comes with a code editor called IDLE, which you will use to create, edit and run the programs you create in these adventures.

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