WHEN YOU PLAY in the Minecraft world, even with the programming interface, it is a virtual world. The only way you can interact with the game is by using your keyboard and mouse to direct the controls that the engineers designed.

But there's another way to interact with Minecraft—by breaking out of the barriers imposed by the sandbox game and linking it to the physical world. Here you quickly discover that the lines between what is virtual and what is real become blurred, and your gaming experience becomes even more creative and exciting.

In this adventure you find out how to link Minecraft to a small electronic computer called the BBC micro:bit. First you will test that everything works by sensing button presses from your BBC micro:bit and then you create a program that displays an icon of a house on your BBC micro:bit display when you walk into your house. You use the display as a countdown and use a real banana as an input device to trigger a countdown to an explosion (so you'll never have any difficulty clearing space for your building adventures in Minecraft again). Finally you build a ball-rolling game where you tilt your BBC micro:bit to collect objects and avoid holes on a virtual game table. Your friends will marvel at your new magic tricks and ask you to create game controllers with a BBC micro:bit for them too!

What You Need for This Adventure

Here is a list of everything ...

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