YOU HAVE ARRIVED at your last big adventure! You use all the skills you have learned on your journey to create your own fully functional platform game in Minecraft. You will realise just how versatile the Minecraft world is, as well as how you can achieve remarkable things just by using simple commands to get and set a block, and get and set the player's position.

You will also learn a new programming skill and use threading to make your program do more than one thing at the same time.

This project can be extended in many ways, and once you’ve finished, it doesn’t mean you’re at the end of your adventure. Instead, you will have arrived at the starting point for creating even more creative, sophisticated and challenging games.

A Game within a Game

The game you’re going to create here is called Crafty Crossing. The objective of the game is to collect diamonds and get to the other side of the arena before the timer runs out, all the time navigating past a series of pesky obstacles that are designed to slow you down.

You score points for each diamond block you collect, and your points are then multiplied by the number of seconds left on the clock when your player reaches the other side.

To get across the arena in the shortest time possible, your player needs to jump onto a moving platform over a river, get under a wall that moves up and down, and avoid holes that randomly appear ...

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