absolute coordinates
(Adv.3) A set of coordinates that uses numbers at a fixed location to represent the location of a point (or in the case of Minecraft, a block).
(Application Programming Interface; Adv. 2) A way to safely access parts of an application program from within your programs. It is the Minecraft API that gives you access to the Minecraft game from within your Python programs.
(Adv.5) A variable that holds one of two values—either True or False.
(Adv.4) When you call a function, Python remembers where it has gotten to in your program and temporarily jumps into the function at the point you defined with def. When the end of the function is reached, Python jumps back to just after where it was when it jumped into that function.
(Adv.1) When characters in a programming language must be entered using the correct case (in upper- or lowercase).
(Adv.2) A name for a part of the computer’s memory (just like a variable) where you can store values that normally don’t change while the program is running.
(Adv.2) A set of numbers that uniquely represents a position. In Minecraft, 3D coordinates are used to represent the exact position within the three-dimensional Minecraft world, and each coordinate consists of three numbers.
counted loop
(Adv.3) A loop that counts a fixed number of times. The for loop is a counted loop or a count controlled ...

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