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anti-aliased line
A line that has extra pixels added to make it look smoother. Lines without anti-aliasing are made up of solid pixels and they can look jagged and unsmooth. To make lines look smoother, anti-aliasing adds extra semi-transparent pixels to the lines at certain points and to the line corners.
A value that is passed to a function. The value of the argument can change how the function runs.
The process of combining two images together by placing one on top of another. The pixels of one image are placed on top of another to create a new image. This is like layering images on top of one another and is used to place images on top of backgrounds.
A data type in Python that have values of either True or False.
command prompt
A visible prompt that indicates that the computer is ready to receive commands from the user. The Python command prompt looks like this: >>> It allows you to input a Python command to be performed.
command-line interfaces (CLI)
User interfaces that allow interaction only through text-based commands. They do not respond to mouse input.
Used to compare two values. The equal to comparator compares two values to see if they are the same. The comparison will evaluate to either True or False, depending on whether or not the condition of the comparison is met.
When a program combines two or more strings together to ...

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