NOW THAT YOU have completed the adventures in this book, it’s likely that you will want to embark on your own exciting expeditions with Raspberry Pi. Hopefully you have learned some skills that will help you begin your own projects and you may wish to learn more.

There are an abundance of resources that can take you further:

  • Websites
  • Clubs
  • Inspiring projects/tutorials
  • Videos
  • Books and magazines


A great way to further your adventures with Raspberry Pi is to use some of the fantastic websites that are springing up all over the Internet. There is a great culture flourishing there and plenty of opportunities for you to show off your Raspberry Pi projects and explain how you created them so that others can have a go too. Some of the most notable and popular websites are listed here.

  • The official Raspberry Pi Foundation website (www.raspberrypi.org)This is the official website of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. It’s more than simply a resource to download the latest software for your Pi, as it features a blog with a new article every day on new developments, project ideas and inspirational stories, and the entire Raspberry Pi community uses the website’s forum to discuss ideas, projects, and future developments. It is designed mainly for adults, which means it can be a little daunting at first, but if you are stuck on a project you can post a question and someone will know ...

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