Advertising doesn’t only compete with other advertising for people’s attention. It also competes with everything online, in print, on television, and everywhere else, with the best entertainment and information available. To effectively reach the right audience, to reach people where they spend the most time and where they value brand experiences, advertising has to be relevant, resonate, engaging, and worth their time. Advertising has to start meaningful conversations with people, fire connections, fuel communities, and be shareworthy.

Are you on two or more screens simultaneously? Do you watch TV with your mobile in hand or nearby? Only a few years ago, the heart of the advertising ecosystem was TV commercials—which is advertising that is pushed at people, marketing that disrupts programming. That ecosystem is shifting to a more interactive and mobile-ready model. The change in distribution of advertising messages from print and broadcast channels (TV and radio) to interactive media channels (mobile, social, and web) in turn has changed how advertising creative professionals conceive and execute ideas. It has also changed how we need to prepare, what we need to know, and the required thinking and design skills.

Advertising is …

  • Starting stories people will coauthor and participate in across media channels
  • Service and actions: advertising ideas that benefit people and that people can participate in
  • Doing something to benefit society, not just selling more ...

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