What’s Your Family’s Mission Statement?

by Priscilla Claman

Quick Takes

  • Discuss the goals you want to accomplish
  • Make up a phrase that reinforces your family mission
  • Set achievable targets
  • Revisit your goals and deadlines
  • Keep the conversation going

There is no adequate word to describe the life of a working parent. Busy doesn’t cut it. The stay-home-and-work-while-teaching-your-children-and-feeding-everyone-multiple-meals-a-day Tilt-A-Whirl that resulted from the Covid-19 pandemic caused many of us to stop and reassess. And, as we turn our attention to new ways of balancing our kids’ school requirements and the grind of the workweek, how do we manage without getting back on the too-much-to-do treadmill?

Three common work practices can ...

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