Advisory Leadership: Using the Seven Steps of Heart Culture to Create Lasting Success for Any Wealth Management Firm

Book description

Thrive in a changing industry by putting your people first

Advisory Leadership is a practical and highly executable guide for financial advisors and finance professionals looking to thrive in today's changing financial services industry. Written by a leading financial advisor with practice improvement expertise, this book shows you how to master the art of leadership while remaining agile and adaptable. You'll learn the seven steps you must take to keep pace and thrive amidst the industry's evolution, with clearly articulated explanations and motivational action items. The discussion covers patience, integrity, compassion, respect, consistency, encouragement, and courage—the foundations of success and continued growth—and shows you how to practice what you preach with real strategies for living the vision and being a true leader.

The financial services industry is at a crossroads, between a generation on the cusp of retirement and the new generation stepping in to take its place. This transition has been called a crisis of culture, of values, and of communication, but it's really an opportunity. This book faces the changes head-on, and delivers practical solutions that start and end with your greatest resource—your people.

  • Unlock the secrets to a people-first company

  • Speak openly, walk the walk, and promote personal growth

  • Reward firm-wide collaboration and a team mentality

  • Reshape your company's DNA to thrive in today's financial environment

  • The industry's overarching question is one of differentiation: how can your firm stand out amid the rise of robo-solutions and an unpredictable future? Advisory Leadership shows you how a people-focused company culture can elevate a firm from surviving to thriving.

    Table of contents

    1. Foreword
    2. Preface
    3. Acknowledgments
    4. Introduction: Understanding Heart Culture: Making the Change
    5. Chapter 1: Patience: Taking Your Time to Find the Right People
      1. Next Gen Employees: Changing Values, Changing Culture
      2. Taking Your Time during the Hiring Process
      3. Four Steps to Hiring the Right Candidate
      4. Benefits
    6. Chapter 2: Honesty and Integrity: Speaking Openly and Walking the Walk
      1. Overcommunicate Your Values and Philosophy
      2. Considering Your Audience
      3. The 55-38-7 Communication Formula
      4. The Mehrabian Communication Model
      5. What Is the Safe Space?
      6. Resolving Conflict
      7. Walking the Walk
      8. Benefits
      9. Notes
    7. Chapter 3: Compassion: Unlocking the Secret to a People-First Culture
      1. Morale and Profitability
      2. Differentiating “Me” Culture from Heart Culture
      3. Benefits
      4. Notes
    8. Chapter 4: Respect: Promoting Personal Growth, the Key to Inspiring Motivation
      1. Helping Employees Explore What Motivates Them
      2. Keeping Tabs
      3. Benefits
    9. Chapter 5: Persistence and Consistency: Maintaining Employee Relationships
      1. Choose the Right Management Team
      2. Don’t Wait for a Scheduled Meeting to Check In
      3. Empower Individuals Regularly, Giving Them the Tools They Need to Succeed—Delegate
      4. Plan Regular Off-Site Events for Team Building
      5. Benefits
    10. Chapter 6: Encouragement: Rewarding Firm-Wide Collaboration and a Team Mentality
      1. Reiterating Company Values
      2. Creating Individual Opportunities
      3. Rewarding Teamwork through the Compensation Structure
      4. Keeping People Accountable—Even Yourself
      5. Holding a Biannual Retreat
      6. Benefits
    11. Chapter 7: Courage: Reshaping Your Company’s DNA to Establish Heart Culture
      1. Assessing Your Team’s Individual Strengths and Opportunities
      2. Anticipating Growing Pains—Lots of Them
      3. Recognizing Culture Killers and How to Avoid Them
      4. Rolling Up Your Sleeves and Getting Involved
      5. Benefits
      6. Note
    12. Chapter 8: Implementing Heart Culture in Your Firm: Get Started Today, Not Tomorrow
    13. Afterword
    14. References
    15. About the Author
    16. Index
    17. EULA

    Product information

    • Title: Advisory Leadership: Using the Seven Steps of Heart Culture to Create Lasting Success for Any Wealth Management Firm
    • Author(s): Greg Friedman, Deena B. Katz
    • Release date: October 2015
    • Publisher(s): Wiley
    • ISBN: 9781119136088