Chapter 1 Patience Taking Your Time to Find the Right People


One of the questions I am asked most often in my position is how I manage two companies on two coasts. I always respond in the same way. It’s all about the people around me. I am surrounded by great, quality people who work hard and are as passionate about the work we do as I am. For me, that means working longer hours and racking up lots of frequent flier miles. But the payoff is worth the time and jet lag. Why? Because the culture that’s been established in both companies moves both ships forward and that creates success and growth.

That culture, which is very similar in both companies, is based on caring, respect, empowerment, collaboration, and a powerful sense of team. There is also a clear, and common, sense of purpose and mission in both companies.

That sense of team serves as the foundation that drives us forward, weathering growing pains and a changing industry toward innovation and profitability.

What we have accomplished in our culture—and I say “we” because credit is due to all of the people I am fortunate enough to work with—is not only potent, it’s game changing for companies that struggle to create a cohesive team in corporate environments today.

Employee loyalty and satisfaction are at the core of building heart culture, and it should come as no surprise that creating and cultivating this type of ...

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