Chapter 5 Persistence and Consistency Maintaining Employee Relationships


One of the most challenging aspects of heart-based leadership is maintaining a healthy, caring culture once you’ve hired the right people, set clear goals, and communicated your values and philosophy. Why? Well, as a leader you’re expected to keep the entire body in motion: looking out for the company’s overall financial well-being as well as planning for growth, obstacles, and surprises. Leaders need to be aware that a culture is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its employees. To adapt you should regularly assess and communicate what matters most to both the employee and the firm. Finding the balance between your core values and the evolving needs of your employees will help with employee retention down the road.

No issue in a firm is so small or insignificant that you don’t have a vested interest in its outcome. And as advisors, many of you can also relate to what I call entrepreneurial paranoia, which means you never rest on your laurels. Because even when you’re enjoying success, you always know that the industry and our clients’ needs are constantly evolving. As a business owner and leader in general, you should always be striving to improve.

All of that does not leave a lot of time to proactively think about nurturing the company culture. But taking your eyes off the road for even a short ...

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