Chapter 7 Courage Reshaping Your Company’s DNA to Establish Heart Culture


I am frequently asked how I manage to lead and be a part of two successful companies. I always say that it is two things: It is the great people who I work with, and it is making the conscious choice to care—really care. And once you commit to this path you will need to prepare for how that change will impact your work environment and your staff.

Of course, it’s one thing to give advice about how a leader should lead with the heart. It’s quite another to turn a frigate around that’s firmly lodged into an iceberg. Change never happens overnight (not the good, lasting kind, anyway), so perseverance—and courage—plays a hefty part in this process. Here are some first steps I took that helped me get started in realizing my vision of leadership. They are also things I do even today to constantly assess my success as a leader.

  1. I looked at myself. Before you can assess your corporate culture, you need to look inward. What kind of leader do you want to be? It’s important in all aspects of your life to be genuine and honest with yourself. Do you even want to be a leader? There are people who identify themselves as owners of companies, not leaders, and they bring in the right people to help them succeed.

    Once you’ve decided what kind of leader you want to be, ask yourself questions such as: “How am I perceived ...

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