Putting It All Together: Aftershock in Action

So far, we have thrown an awful lot at you. We’ve told you how we correctly predicted the downfall of the four bubbles that have already begun to pop (real estate, stocks, private debt, and discretionary spending bubbles) in Chapters 1 and 2. We told you how massive money printing by the Federal Reserve will help quicken the fall of the next two bubbles (the dollar and government debt bubbles), bringing down what is left of our bubble economy and creating a mega-depression here and around the globe in Chapters 3 through 5. And in the previous chapter and this one, we have begun to tell you about some of your options for protection (Chapter 6) and even profits (Chapter 7) during these unusual times.

What we cannot tell you in a book is specifically how you can put these macroeconomic Aftershock ideas into action in your own life. We certainly do not want you to panic because that does little good, and we still have some time to get ready for what’s ahead. Instead, without knowing your unique situation, we would like to help you with your personal task of trying to prepare in a way that is right for you. Toward that end, here are some ideas about how you might pace some of our recommendations, with the full knowledge that only you can decide if and how fast to implement such personal steps.

When to Get Out of Stocks

Selling high is always better than selling low, so one option is to begin to slowly exit stocks while the market is still ...

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