CHAPTER 10 Cashing In on Chaos Best Aftershock Investments

Enormous amounts of money can and will be made before and especially during the Aftershock—far more than in the three decades of the bubble years because bubble money is not sustainable and will disappear just as the bubbles disappear when they pop. In fact, we predict that far more “real” (nonbubble) money will be made in the Aftershock than the amount of “real” money made in the past three decades combined. Of course, the real money won't come close to matching the total amount of bubble money made during the past three decades, but most of that bubble money will go to Money Heaven, along with a lot of real money. Money that goes to Money Heaven is not coming back.

Plenty of Profit Opportunities, but They Will Feel Quite Uncomfortable, Even Scary at Times

Gone are the days when you could just sit back with a glass of wine or a six-pack of beer and know that by the end of the year your house would be worth 10 to 20 percent more than at the start of the year even though you didn't lift a finger to improve it.

Gone are the days when you could just buy a set of stocks or mutual funds that everyone else buys and watch them rise 1,400 percent in 25 years, or if you chose higher-growth stocks, watch them grow 2,500 percent or more. No need to be a stock-picking genius or a high-risk, high-judgment venture capitalist to make ridiculously high returns. In fact, for most investors, it was better if you didn't use any judgment ...

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