Agile ALM

Book description

Agile ALM is a guide for Java developers who want to integrate flexible agile practices and lightweight tooling along all phases of the software development process. The book introduces a new vision for managing change in requirements and process more efficiently and flexibly. It synthesizes technical and functional elements to provide a comprehensive approach to software development.

About the Technology

Agile Application Lifecycle Management (Agile ALM) combines flexible processes with lightweight tools in a comprehensive and practical approach to building, testing, integrating, and deploying software. Taking an agile approach to ALM improves product quality, reduces time to market, and makes for happier developers.

About the Book

Agile ALM is a guide for Java developers, testers, and release engineers. By following dozens of experience-driven examples, you'll learn to see the whole application lifecycle as a set of defined tasks, and then master the tools and practices you need to accomplish those tasks effectively. The book introduces state-of-the-art, lightweight tools that can radically improve the speed and fluidity of development and shows you how to integrate them into your processes.

The tools and examples are Java-based, but the Agile ALM principles apply to all development platforms.

What's Inside
  • A thorough introduction to Agile ALM
  • Build an integrated Java-based Agile ALM toolchain
  • Use Scrum for release management
  • Reviewed by a team of 20 Agile ALM experts

About the Reader

The tools and examples are Java-based, but the Agile ALM principles apply to all development platforms.

About the Author

Michael Hüttermann is a developer and coach on Java/JEE, SCM/ALM, SDLC-Tooling and agile software development. A Java Champion, he is certified as SCJA, SCJP, SCJD and SCWCD, a member of the JCP and Agile Alliance, JUGs Community Leader and founder of the Cologne Java User Group. Michael led the Tools for Agility track at Agile 2009. The Technical Editor on this book was Robert Aiello.

Agile answers for managers, leads, and engineers.
- Ben Ogden, General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems

Power up your Agile ALM tool chest with this book!
- Tariq Ahmed, Amcom Technology

A practical guide to improving the software delivery process.
- Darren Neimke, HomeStart Finance

Covers a wide variety of tools that make up the Agile ALM.
- Craig Smith, Suncorp

A great book for streamlining and improving your projects!
- Robert Wenner, Port25 Solutions, Inc.

Product information

  • Title: Agile ALM
  • Author(s): Michael Hüttermann, Bob Aiello
  • Release date: August 2011
  • Publisher(s): Manning Publications
  • ISBN: 9781935182634